Our Services

GIS Mapping Services

We at Digirise has a good history of providing GIS mapping services which analyzes, develops and deliver high quality products, applications and geospatial data in customized formats. We are flexible to convert data as tailor made to meet the client’s business requirements with comphrensive solutions. Our main services includes

Cadastral and Parcel Mapping

We provide accurate services to our wide variety of clients across the globe. We are specific in providing all the details like the excat location of the parcel of the land, its dimensions and other geographical details to make better informed decisions by National, Local governments, Real Estate firm and architectural Industries

Topographical Mapping

Our topographical mapping brings you affordability and precision in the relative heights of map objects. Among the competitive industries, we offer you an excellent combination of Quality and Cost-effectiveness. We provide flexible services according to the deadline, accuracy, and cost criteria.

Utility Mapping
Geological Mapping
Land Use and Land Cover Mapping
Base Map Preparation
Georeferencing and Digitization

Cartography Services

We perform Special analytic solutions that provide thematic interpretation and classification of spatial analysis using GIS technology. Being a professional provider of cartographic services, we start analyzing the customer’s needs under budget by achieving our target goal of quality standards. Our main services include

Research, Analysis, and Compilation
Map design and Production
Charts and Graphics

CADD Services

Our CAD services includes both 2D and 3D drafting in large scale, Paper to CAD conversion, Raster to Vector conversion for architectural and Engineering Drawings , Utility Mapping for Electric Network, Gas, Sewage, Water and Telecom infrastructure. We use highly efficient softwares such as Auto CAD and microstation and minimize the possible on site issues to achieve higher appealing visualization. Our services include Generation and Modification of 2D drawings

GIS Consulting Services

We ensure consistently to achieve new technologies, driving efficiencies and managing any complex and critical issues and oppurtunities promoting sustainability with our business strategy and deep expertise in GIS technoloy. We value each and every client and help them achieve their business goals by individually focussing on them. We deliver services for all the facets of GIS development. We have helped in broad mapping solutions for Municipal, state and commercial clients


Digirise has successfully completed data conversion and also delivers detailed, accurate digital resources that commercial and public users can use to determine important parcel data. We provide Location, Size Parcel Identification Numbers for specific properties and maintain legal boundaries. The parcel Mapping process involves the creation of a parcel base map or modifying an existing base map. These are the legal information by geo-registered using heads-up digitization.
We have extensive hands-on experience in utility mapping. We use an efficient and cost-effective plan to maintain high-quality conversion solutions.
Other services include
Map Data Creation
Raster Editing
Geo rectification and digitization


Change Detection:
Change detection is the process of determining changes associated with land use and land cover characteristics over a period of time with reference to geo-referenced multi-temporal remote sensing data. The usage of advanced image analysis and processing techniques can be applied to ortho imagery sets which highlight the change that has occurred. Changes can be noted in the areas of Road surface, Forest, Shrub cover, vegetation, Water features, Agriculture, Land use, Buildings, and objects on the surface.
Other main services include:
Image classification
Image enhancement
DEM from Stereo Pairs
Vector contours from Stereo Imagery
Vector Raster Elevation Modelling
Image processing and Correction
Slope, Line of Sight


Recent advances in Digital photogrammetry bring us the necessity of using ideal tools for production for the areas having gradual transition, we make it easier with our technically skilled team and deliver with high-quality standards using advanced software through a relentless focus on customer service and convenience.


We have great experience digitizing planimetric mapping data. the planimetric map shows only the horizontal position of features on the Earth’s surface which shows geographic objects, natural and cultural and physical features entities without topographic features such as Roads, Buildings, and Water Bodies that are visible on Aerial Photograph and can be prepared using photogrammetric methodologies.
DTM (Digital Terrain Model)
A DTM typically augments a DEM, including vector features of the natural terrain such as rivers, and ridges which relate rectangular grid. It is a topographic model of the bare earth that can be manipulated by computer programs where vegetation, Buildings, and cultural features are removed digitally leaving the terrain features.
DEM( Digital Elevation Model)
A DEM is the representation of the bare ground topographic surface of the earth excluding trees, buildings, and any other surface objects.
DSM (Digital Surface Model)
A DSM captures the topmost surface which describes relief and situation on the surface of the earth.
Contour Generation:
Contours are lines that are used to distinguish areas of equal measurement on both 2D and 3D models. They are most commonly used on topographic maps to indicate equally elevated areas.


Ortho Rectification :
We offer you dynamic services in orthophotography in the area of civil engineering and construction Management. We provide terrain sources like ASTER DTM, SRTM, and customized DTM. Some of our Ortho products include:
Ortho rectification of Satellite Imageries
Construction and Generation of Mosaics
3D image preparation
2D and 3D rendering


Light Detection and Ranging (LiDaR) is a technology used to create high-resolution models of ground elevation with a vertical accuracy of 10 meters. Lidar Data is initially collected as a Point cloud of individual points reflected from everything on the surfaces including structures and vegetation.
We integrate LiDar data with GIS data and other complex survey information to generate geomorphic structure mapping products. We ensure our quality control workflow from acquisition of data to final approval of client that is mastered to quality standards for timely accurate data delivery.
Our main services include:
Airborne Lidar data processing
Bare earth Extraction (DEM/DTM)
Lidar data classification
3D city modeling
Breakline and contour generation
3D feature vectorization